Menthol – Nordic Mint NicSalt – 30ml

Menthol – Nordic Mint NicSalt – 30ml

November 15, 2022 0



Our premium menthol vape pod flavour is the ideal pick for vapers who enjoy the taste of classic menthol. This is a powerful, icy-fresh menthol that packs a powerful punch of pleasure that thrills your taste buds and enhances your overall vaping experience. We love complex flavours, but there’s something great about a no-frills, no-fuss flavour like our Menthol, with no added flavourings to distract from its fresh, minty taste. Use this eliquid flavour with our new XPOD rechargeable vape and get ready for the ultimate in taste and satisfaction.
E-Liquid Base
Pharma Grade Propylene Glycol ( PG ) – 50%
Pharma Grade Vegetable Glycerine ( VG ) – 50%
Flavour Ratio: 20%
100% Traceable Top Grade Ingredients | Lab Tested Diacetyl (DA), Acetyl Propionyl (AP) & Vitamin E acetate Free
Shake well before vaping.

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