XPOD – Vape Pod Starter Kit – Violet

XPOD – Vape Pod Starter Kit – Violet

November 15, 2022 0



With an XPOD™ rechargeable vape pod, you can experience the satisfying taste, unique stylish design, and convenience of vaping, literally at your fingertips. Its light in weight and all-in-one operation make the XPOD™ ideal to carry in your pocket or purse, ready to enjoy anywhere, any time.
Based on the ePuffer’s award-winning SNAPS® magnetic atomization technology, the new XPOD Vape POD is a sleek modern device, which features a 375mAh rechargeable battery, a type-C fast USB-3 charging port, a 1.5ml POD cartridge capacity and comes in various colors.
The XPOD™ can be used with a variety of pre-filled POD flavours, as well as with blanks PODs, which can be filled with e-liquid flavour of your choice.
What’s Included with ePuffer XPOD Starter Kit
1 Rechargeable Battery
3 Blank refillable Vape Pod Cartridges
USB Type-C Charging Cable
Multi language User’s Guide
Truly Sophisticated Design
Hybrid Technology – Open / Closed Pod System
Cigarettes Like Smooth Draw
Charge Time: 45-50mins
100% Leak Free Operation
Organic Cotton Wick
Technical Specifications
Battery Capacity: 375mAh
POD Cartridige Capacity 1.5ml
Resistance: 1.35 ohm
Length: 110mm
Width: 20mm
Depth: 6-11mm
Weight: 23g
Taste and Satisfaction
Puffing on an XPOD™ gives you the same gratification as smoking cigarettes. Inhaling on a pod produces a vapour that appears like smoke giving you the pleasurable feeling of smoking a cigarette. The vapour provides a satisfying throat hit, and when exhaled, it evapourates into the air after a few seconds.
The Convenience
A strong point of the XPOD™ is that it rechargeable and come with three blank pod cartridges that you can prefill your favourite eliquid and nicotine strength. XPOD™ requires no cleaning or maintenance, and you don’t need to worry about leaking, clogging, or nicotine build-up. When your XPOD cartridge is empty, simply discard it and replace it with a fresh one, or if you are using a refillable cartridge, fill it with ejuice and continue vaping. The blank PODS can be refilled 3-4 times.

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